how to backup mac to external hard drive without time machine

In this article, we will explain How to backup mac hard drive to an external Hard Drive. You can check the video we have added at the end of the article if you want to understand step by step via an overview of the macOS.

Step 1: External Hard Drive.

You should need to have an External Hardrive or you can buy it online from the online Store to move all files in an external Hardrive.

Step 2: Connect External Hard Drive.

Here you simply have to connect your external Hard drive including SD Card or Pendrive.
Once you connect the external Hard drive it will appear on your desktop screen.

Step 3: Turn off Time Machine.

There is a reason behind I am suggesting you turn off your time Machine to backup all of your files because it consumes space on your PC to store all the backup files. 

Step to Disable Time Machine.

  • Click on LaunchPad
  • Click on Other
  • Find the Terminal and open it.
  • After Opening Terminal Type: sudo tmutil disablelocal
  • It will ask PC Password.
  • Type password and press Enter.
Note: Do remember once you Stop the Time machine it starts deleting all backup files stored on your PC.

Step 4: Locate all Files.

  • Click on Finder.
  • Click on the finder top left next to preference.
  • In General, Tick on Hard Disk in show these items on the desktop.
  • Afterward, click on Sidebar.
  • Select all options in Devices.
  • Click on the Hard Driver that appeared in the Finder folder.
  • Click and open the Users Folder.
  • Select your Profile Name.

  • Click on your User Name.
  • In your Username, you will find all of your stuff.

Step 5: Move all Data to External Hardrive.

  • Select your User Name.
  • Click and hold the left click and move all data to Hardrive.
  • And drop all Data to External Hard Drive.
  • It starts by Coping all items you have in your Account.
  • If it does not work for you then you can try out a second method as well.
  • Press hold the COMMAND key on your Keyboard.
  • Click and Select the Folders you want to move.

  • Release the COMMAND Key and Click Selected and Drop them in External Hardrive.
  • Now, wait till it completes copying all Files to External Hardrive.